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Video manager for Ecommerce

A simple tool for marketplaces and online shops to manage and create videos.

Transform your videos into shoppable, get result-driven content

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  • Video platform of all your brand videos that is easily to navigate and choose the most effective ones

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  • Store, edit and upload your videos to your web-sites, social media, emails

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  • Easy to make shoppable videos, integrate it with your Shopify inventory

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  • Easy to make custom video widgets on your web sites

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  • Floating window with video in dependance of the category of the product and web site page

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  • With the click on the video widget customer could navigate through video catalog and instantly shop there

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  • Automatically prioritized and rearranged videos in accordance with the full analytics from all your channels

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  • Automatic video generator. Just upload photos of the good to recieve simple video or original one in integration with stock videos

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Here's how Koosh works

Make your online shop more dynamicsociablecreative with Koosh Video Platform

A simple tool with super-powers. Like what you see? Let's chat!

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Questions & Answers


  • No, and here's how we protect your page speed:

    1. Small-sized scripts. Koosh's scripts have little over 100kb, that's almost like a Facebook pixel. In comparison, when you embed a regular YouTube video that's over 600kb of scripts.
    2. Lite video embedding. Koosh uses compressed thumbnails as part of the video widgets on your pages that launch the actual shoppable video player.

    On the initial page load, the site only embeds the thumbnail image of the video. The video player itself (and all its extra JavaScript) only loads when the user clicks inside the thumbnail.

  • Yes, you can, and we highly advise you to do so for the best results.

    Yes, you can add videos to any page of your online store and you can even add multiple types of video widgets on the same page.

    Your video selection should depend on various factors: the placement of the widget, your product, and even of your industry. You can use your own uploaded videos, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube videos on:

    • The product catalog
      • Add our floating window with videos of goods from this page of catalog to present it to customer and attract to use your video catalog.
    • Product Pages
      • Add product demos and how-to videos close to the CTA
      • Add unboxing videos on the top part of your page
      • Add testimonials videos at the bottom of the page for social proof
      • Add video reviews of your customers
    • The Homepage
      • Add presentation videos for social proof on the top part of your homepage
      • Add product videos to emphasize the main product information and benefits
      • Add promotional videos to bring to spotlight sales and special campaigns
      • Add testimonial videos for social proof
    • The About Us Page

      Add 'about us' video or 'thank you' video aka company culture video to emphasize "likeability" and other positive emotions. These have a far greater influence on customers buying from and staying loyal to you than any other fact-based factors. Also you can use these videos in the email sendings to customers.

    • The Blog

      Add shoppable videos to each blog post to drive even more attention to your products and convert readers into shoppers

  • You can filter videos in dependence of their source of uploading or sharing (Instagram, Tik-tok, Youtube, web-site, etc). Also you can sort them in accordance with the mail metrics of the video. To navigate through shoppable videos you can use the category names of goods of your store.

  • You can copy the ready-made code of your widget and paste it to your site, as you insert Google Analytics or YouTube video, or use our plugins for various CMS, if the one you use is present in the list of supported ones.

  • Yes, of course. Our primary goal is to make our service simple to use for eCommerce, so we integrate all you need to generate bulk shoppable videos: Youtube, Instagram, Shopify, WooCommerce. We are working on this. Let us know if you need more services from us to integrate.

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    • Supported video format: .mp4, .mov

      If your video is in a different format, you will not be able to upload it on our site. In this case, we advise you to use a video converter to change it to a supported format.

    • Maximum file size: 100 Mb.

      If your video is bigger than the limit you will not be able to upload it on our site. In this case, we advise you to use a video converter to compress it.

  • Yes, we have inner editor, where you can edit/stich videos on the platform, add text and icons, figures and also music ti generate eye-catching and original content

  • We can generate simple videos from the photos to make 360 outlook on you good or we can combine the generated video of your product with the stock videos to make them more colorful and attractive.